Ep. 28: Political Parties in Early America

party3In this episode, Ken Owen, Michael Hattem, Roy Rogers, and Lindsay Chervinsky discuss the development of political parties and political organization from the colonial period through 1800.


Political parties are the accepted form of political organization in the United States, but that has not always been the case. Political parties as institutions did not emerge until after the Revolution despite a longstanding rhetorical aversion to political parties and factions. By 1800, the “First Party System” contested by Federalists and Democratic-Republicans was solidified, but it was short-lived and ultimately replaced by a new system when the Federalist Party died and was replaced by the Whig Party.


  • What are “political parties?”
  • How did the development of political parties in England affect colonial politics?
  • Were the colonial “Whigs” and “Tories” political parties?
  • Why did the 1780s and 1790s give rise to the First Party System?


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