Announcing The JuntoCast Extra!

The JuntoCast Extra Logo (offset)The JuntoCast is a time-intensive process for all of us. That is why it is a monthly podcast rather than a weekly podcast. However, beginning this month, in an attempt to further engage our audience, we are happy to announce the launch of The JuntoCast Extra! 

These will brief 10-15 minute episodes that will be released in between our regular hour-long monthly episodes. Oftentimes, as with the first episode, it will feature a continuation of the discussion from the previous episode. Other times, they will focus on different topics or historical questions than have been covered in previous episodes. This month’s Extra! episode will be released two weeks after the upcoming episode on “The Coming of the Revolution,” and will feature our panelists discussing their thoughts on an important conference about the American Revolution held last month at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

We hope that expanding the podcast in this way will allow our listeners more opportunities to engage with the podcast and provide them with even more high-quality content on early American history, as we continue with our mission of bringing the work of academic historians and recent scholarship about early American history to as broad an audience possible. As always, thanks for listening to The JuntoCast and, in the words of our host Ken Owen, we hope you’ll join us for the next episode.


NB: The JuntoCast is not supported by any kind of institutional or external funding. We produce The JuntoCast solely through our own efforts and at our own expense. If you would like to help support The JuntoCast, please:

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