JuntoCasters Interviewed!

BFW 23Our repeat guest panelist, Liz Covart, is the host of her own very popular history podcast, Ben Franklin’s World. Her show launched last fall and has quickly become a staple in the world of history podcasts. Released weekly, each episode features an interview with a historian about their recent book. Liz recently broke that standard format to interview all three of us in an episode entitled, “A Discussion on Early American History with The JuntoCast.” We talked about the genesis of The Junto and The JuntoCast and our own current work, as well as about early American history. It was a fantastic experience and exposed Liz’s ever-growing audience to The JuntoCast. We can only hope that her listeners will give our podcast a listen as well and hopefully find it just as entertaining and useful as Liz’s excellent podcast.

More recently, I also appeared in another Ben Franklin’s World episode entitled, “Benjamin Franklin and the Papers of Benjamin Franklin Editorial Project,” which was released a few weeks ago. In it, I talked about documentary editing, the history of the Franklin Papers project, my experience having worked as a Research Assistant there for the past three years, and, of course, the life of Benjamin Franklin. I think the episode came out really well and it was a lot of fun to do, topped off by my getting to use my “Benjamin Franklin played the eighteenth century like a violin” line.

If you have not yet subscribed or listened to Ben Franklin’s World, we at The JuntoCast highly recommend it. Her most recent episode is an interview with Douglas Bradburn, the Founding Director of the Fred W. Smith National Library at Mount Vernon. Ben Franklin’s World is an excellent addition to the world of history podcasts and, for early American history podcasting, her book-based interview format is a perfect complement to our topical roundtable discussion format.

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